Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My Week in Photographs: 31st August - 6th September

It's official - Autumn has arrived in the UK! I have no idea exactly how or when this happened (we haven't even had a summer yet!) but it has begun. It's a little sad to see the nights drawing in but I can't help feeling a sense of anticipation about the start of the prettiest season of the year. I love Autumn and all the beautiful colours it brings.

It's just as well then that my colleague and I passed the exam for our 1 star kayaking qualification after work on Wednesday this week, as the evenings are now almost too dark to get out on the lakes for a paddle.
In a bid (of denial) to prolong the summer, I treated myself to a new and very summery coloured nail polish this week - 'Strawberry Fizz' from Rimmel. Whilst strolling home from work admiring my very pink toenails, I stumbled across this charming cottage. I think it's time for an eye test as I walk past this house every day but have never noticed it before!
Last weekend I finally went to see Broadway Tower in the Vale of Evesham. Visiting this remarkable folly has been on my to-do list for some time. I also went down the nuclear bunker on site (it's a little surreal going down a nuclear bunker that's in the middle of a field surrounded by sheep, countryside and not much else!).

Also this week:
  • Spent a rainy sunday in Bristol with a friend shopping at the Mall in Cribbs Causeway, which involved trying on the biggest coats and strangest hats we could find!
  • Came across Costa-Rican red bananas for the first time at my local greengrocers
  • Walked almost every day on my lunch break as the weather has been glorious
  • Found a French sweet company in desperate need of help with their branding - gross!

How has your week been?

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