Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Awesome Autumn Warmers!

Autumn is upon us - the trees are ablaze with colours, the weather is cooling down (scrap that - it's freeeezing already!) and the nights are drawing in, but fortunately I have these current perfect little pleasures keeping me as snug as a bug in a toasty little rug.

1. The online 21 Day Meditation Challenge from Chopra Center Meditation - It's a 15 minute daily guided meditation on inviting abundance into your life and is a welcome break from life's current pressures.

2. The Bridge Season 1 & The Killing Season 2 - I currently can't get enough of Scandi noir; so much so that I managed to watch the entire season of The Bridge in one weekend!

3. Modelo Beer - If you enjoy Mexican beers such as Corona or Sol, then I recommend you try Modelo beer. It's delicious, refreshing and refined.
4. I've recently invested in a pair of Salomon trail running shoes and they're so good that I could wax lyrical about them all day. They're comfortable and provide excellent support, and are actually rather 'sexshy' (as far as running shoes can be anyway!).
5. Spending more time in the kitchen - The current snap of cold weather has been a great encouragement to stay in and try out some new recipes. Recent experiments include Jamie Oliver's home made granola and my personal favourite - Canadian pancakes with blueberries, maple syrup & bacon on a lazy Sunday morning.
6. It's only taken me 3 years, but I have finally found a fabulous pair of winter boots from Rieker. They are one of the leading designers of anti stress boots, so it's safe to say these boots rival my new Salomon trainers in the comfort stakes!
7. Party planning - My birthday is swiftly approaching which can mean only one thing - house partaaaay! The theme is Mad Hatters & Mayhem - I recently came across the Vintage Dorset website, which has some brilliant ideas I may be using for the party!
8. Autumn - What's not to love about Autumn? Crisp, sunny mornings, the first frost, pumpkin carving, the Fall leaves and the promise of the Christmas break just around the corner... Yes please!
9. Warm Wolf - Cold nights mean that it's time for the return of Warm Wolf - a wolf teddy bear with a hot water bottle inside it. Yes, I may be in my 30's but I don't care!
10. M&S food - Ok, this is an expensive addiction to have, but Marks & Spencer's food is just so deliciously, fantastically, resplendently amazing. That is all. :)
What are your perfect little pleasures right now?



  1. Great post! I still have to watch season 2 of The Killing.

    1. Thank you! I've watched about 3 eopisodes of the Killing Season 2 and it's brilliant so far :)

  2. I'm assuming you've missed off two Autumn essentials by mistake.

    1. Mulled wine, and absolute must

    2. A favourite pair of warm cosy socks. Now this may sound a bit girly, but I just don't care!


    1. Great suggestions Matt! Mulled wine will undoubtedly feature in my next 'Perfect Pleasures' post (which will be created in the depths of deepest darkest winter...) and perhaps there will be some winter cocktails on the list too. :)